About Dr. Reuling


Exeter, New Hampshire, 1954-1955 Phillips Exeter Academy , Hanover, New Hampshire Dartmouth College 1955-1957 Iowa City, Iowa B.A., University of Iowa College of Medicine 1959-1963


• Reuling, Frank H. Jr. “Massive Retinal Fibrosis” Survey of Ophthalmolgy, 10:527, 1965


American Academy of Ophthalmology American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Virginia Society of Ophthalmology Northern Virginia Academy of Ophthalmology Medical Society of Virginia Northern Virginia Medical Society American Medical Association
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Eye Surgery Center of Winchester
The Eye Surgery Center of Winchester is staffed by caring professionals to serve patients' surgical needs and provide cataract, corneal, oculoplastic, glaucoma and general ophthalmology procedures.