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Staar Collamer Lens

Understanding the Staar Collamer Lens

Collamer is a unique organic material. Its name is a derivative of the material's composition; it is a 100 percent pure collagen copolymer. Collamer is composed of collagen, a UV-absorbing chromophore (light absorbing chemical), and a poly-HEMA based copolymer. When fully hydrated, the Collamer lens material possesses a high water content concentrated at the surface of the lens.

The Collamer Advantage

The unique Collamer lens material used in the Afinity Collamer IOL provides numerous advantages over other lens materials.

Quality of Vision

The distribution of the water content (the bulk at the lens's surface) creates an anti-reflective interface in Collamer lenses. This anti-reflective coating results in a significant reduction of glare and halos associated with IOL implantation. Especially in comparison with other lenses, the Afinity Collamer IOL has little or no occurrence of refractive disturbances. In fact, the light patterns associated with Collamer lenses are nearly identical to the eye's natural crystalline lens. Following cataract eye surgery, patients with Collamer IOLs implanted tend to have fewer instances of higher order aberrations than patients with acrylic and other lenses.


Biocompatibility refers to the ability of Collamer IOLs to not be viewed as a foreign object by the eye. Collamer lenses achieve biocompatibility through two mechanisms: Protein repulsion – The collagen in a Collamer lens contains a slight negative ionic charge, which reduces the adherence of protein on the lens surface. Shields lens – Collamer attracts fibronectin, a fibrous protein that binds to collagen, which forms a layer around the lens, which shields it from being attacked by the body's immune system.

Patient Satisfaction

Collamer IOLs have delivered superior outcomes, creating a high percentage rate of satisfied patients. In addition, Collamer does not have the potential problems that other lens materials pose for patients with certain health conditions including diabetes and various anterior chamber inflammatory eye conditions.

Function of the Afinity Collamer IOL

Similar to other intraocular lenses, the Afinity Collamer IOL is used to replace the eye's natural crystalline lens during cataract surgery. Its compatibility with the eye, flexible design, and exceptional quality of vision make the Afinity Collamer IOL a smart choice among the intraocular lenses on the market today. STAAR Surgical Company offers the Afinity Single Piece Collamer IOL in both the United States and international markets.

Obtain Additional Information on Collamer IOLs

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